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Piano Plus

CD with all 24 pieces included!

Here´s the webshop that ships "Piano Plus" worldwide!

Prices are in Swedish SEK.
(Further guidance here in english.) 

An example: approx $29 shipped to the USA incl the CD (jan 2021)

You might want to contact them via mail for details.

Available also at Amazon

For iPad and SuperScore please go here!

See more and order (within Sweden) >>

Within EU you can also order here:
How to order at bokus: http://www.bokus.com/english

Other sites that might be helpful: cdon

Or find “Piano Plus” via your local dealer: ISBN: 97891-85575-64-0

To order the previous book "Pianobiten" please go here.

or please contact the publisher at eva@isaberg.nu

On any questions how to order please contact: info@larstidholm.com

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